Europe with a small farm for very large-scale farming in the agricultural trading system has emerged, but the Italian is still family farmers who produce cheese with olives, and maintain each institution. Oglio is one of them. A charismatic 40-year-old), after the school was lying in the field of agricultural development and agricultural practices in college teaching is disappoint.

Today run two training courses for nature, because he grew up in Belcreda de gambolo about 20 miles (30 km) Xinanmilan small family farms, grains and legumes. In other words, chemical, or even not to use natural fertilizers or pesticides. He came to the green areas. He said: "I need to control nature, and to listen to, and the nature of this proposal, and everyone should remember is that the".

Areas of influence in the plains, the cultivation of rice with a long history of use of Italian seasonings, copy the patterns of nature. For example, alfalfa, millet, together, feeding each other basic metals. Liao said Austria ranch is environmentally sustainable. He expressed the hope that the absence of herbicides, and the elimination of costly and commercial products to the minimum use of farm machinery to reduce operating costs. Low cost, and Africa, poverty, hunger, and attacks from other parts of the adoption of agriculture in less maintenance, he said. He said: "to save the world of farming. But you can feed the poor families." However, it can not be size, and most experts believe it is necessary. Here there is no friction. Affluent consumers may be ready for more of the world Oglios Monsantos, but they are more cautious about high-tech agriculture in an attempt to find a solution to the problem of food shortage crisis is increasingly difficult.

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