Spices export falls 31.2 percent in July-October

Spices export falls 31.2 percent in July-October

The country''s spices export fell 31.2 percent during July-October 2013-14 to $13.531 million as compared to the commodity''s export of $19.666 million in the same period last fiscal year, official figures say. The fall in term of volume totalled $6.135 million in the first four months of the current fiscal year, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said. Spices export falls 31.2 percent in July-OctoberThe quantity of spices export declined by 1302 metric tons or 25 percent to 3,943 metric tons in July-October 2013-14 from 5,245 metric tons in the same period last fiscal year, PBS added.
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